Monday, March 4, 2013

Toy Fans Unite

Hey troops!

Those who follow me, especially on Twitter, probably know that I talk about hard to find toys and gifts in my blog and that I sell these items from my websites and  Well, now I am in the process of moving the bulk of these toys from my writing sites to a new website that will concentrate on toys and other types of gifts - hard to find items and maybe not so hard to find goods that I just feel like adding to the site.

The new site location is As inferred above, the main reason I am performing this transition is to separate the poetry and other types of writing portions of my websites from the toys, games, and other types of goods I sell. Some items such as cards, books, and wall art may enjoy availability in the store as well as on the writing sites.

At any rate, in addition to removing toy-related goods from my writing sites, my intent here in this blog is to provide seekers of hard to find toys an avenue for which they may make their desires known to potential sellers - or traders of sought after items. I have offered a similar opportunity at my Hard2FindToys blog, however, the concept is more for anyone looking for items for which they have pictures and more details than is required here.

Please limit postings to hard to find toys only. Do NOT post offerings for cell phones or any other electronics, cars, boats, clothing or any other item that is not a toy unless... [had to be an unless right?] the item is a book... but not just any book... Only hard to find children's books will be allowed.

It may go without saying that this concept is in an experimental stage and thus time will tell how it goes... Well... I hope...

I will make updates here when listing new or used vintage items in the store or on my blog.

As always... Thanks for visiting...

R. Renée Bembry